Monday, 3 December 2018

Nullarbor Ride December 2018

With the hustle of the last minute things to check before leaving home on a long ride, both Steve and I were pleased when our earplugs were firmly seated and we could no longer communicate. Bakers Hill Bakery provided our 8am refreshments and then it was onwards and eastwards in the cool morning air on the 1st of December, the first day of summer. The cops were waiting for us in the 80km hour zone at the Great Eastern Highway, Great Southern Highway junction,  but we were waiting for them and we cruised through, the cops not even bothering to point the gun at us. I enjoyed some bike to car PR and warned a few punters. This favour was returned when I was alerted to a speed camera at the end of an overtaking lane; now that is unquestionably revenue raising.

The caravan park at Norseman was a welcome place to pitch our tent and rest our heads after 780km in the saddle. When I returned to the tent after a midnight toilet run I said to Steve “is that a giant moth sitting on my sleeping bag?” I found my glasses and it turned out to be only a manufacturers tag. All Steve could say was “Jesus Christ,” then it fell silent inside our tent until morning.

Nullarbor Roadhouse
We were back on the road by 6am and the cool weather window we had found for our Nullarbor crossing provided sheer riding pleasure. The sun rose quickly and by 8am we stopped worrying about stray kangaroos and we enjoyed the delights of this wonderful outback ride. The bush looked lush and green and even a few wildflowers reminded us of the season that had just come to an end. At Cocklebiddy Roadhouse we sat on the veranda, eating ice-creams and watching the road trains  westward bound. The Eyre Highway was having a quiet day and we only had to overtake one wobblebox (caravan) all day long.

Who would have expected grass like this at Ceduna?
On the third day we were up with the birds for the run from Eucla to Ceduna. Even on a cool day you can feel the potential in the desert sun. In places there is barely a tree in sight and this landscape will be unforgiving to anyone who breaks down or has an accident on a hot day. Just to remind us that all Nullarbor crossings must be earned, we copped a strong cross wind along the plains around Penong. Still we concluded, when we arrived in Ceduna, that our December 2018 Nullarbor crossing had been the easiest one of all.

The sun goes down on another successful Nullarbor crossing.

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