Friday, 25 February 2011

Midweek Down South

If I said it took three days to prepare two motorcycles for a camping trip, no one would believe me, right? After all the time spent buying stuff, and loading stuff we set off from home, on our BMW GS’s, to see if we could enjoy a camping trip, without the luxury of the trailer in tow. Apart from the kitchen sink, on our previous trips, the trailer contained our large camp chairs and an esky full of cold beers!

Perth, Western Australia, had fallen under the spell of the hottest summer on record so we were on the road by 7am to escape the heat and enjoy a morning ride. Our first stop was Bruswick Junction, for tea and a generous slice of date loaf. We sat quietly, admiring the bikes and mumbling things like “this is the life!”We were soon back on the road and riding through the Ferguson Valley. We didn’t stop at Gnomesville this time around, but I couldn’t help think about the movie Gnomeo and Juliet as we rode on by!
I insisted on hydrating at Balingup before taking the twisty and unpredictable Balingup to Nannup road. My dear little bike was champing at the bit to get going along that road, but her rider was reluctant to let go and I took it easy, forever reminding myself that “riders have died on this road!”
By the time we arrived in Nannup the cool morning was over and we sheltered under the tall trees in the forest before riding the final leg to Busselton.
It was quick and easy to set up camp in the town caravan park. Steve had pitched the tent before I had made a cup of tea – this is working out better that I thought!
The next day we enjoyed riding the curves of Caves Road before spending the night in Augusta. I found myself falling in love with that little town. Her charm was everywhere you looked and we both found ourselves checking out the price of real estate!
On Thursday 24th February we headed for home. We didn’t have to, but we had achieved our goal; to try out our “keep it simple” camping set up and ride some great roads. We took the Brockman Highway to Nannup and then the South Cundinup Road to Kirup. I found myself muttering things like “absolutely fantastic” and “amazing” as I glided along.
The weather turned hot and horrible by the time we stopped at Harvey. We filled our bellies with icy cold water, saddled up and started the final leg towards home. One of the ties, holding the tent to my pannier, flapped its way loose so I pulled over to the side of the road. While Steve tried to find a home for the unused length of webbing he said “I can’t remember the last time I felt this hot.” “I can” I said “remember that Nullarbor crossing in January 2008!”
When we finally arrived home it was a race to see who could tear off their Draggin Jeans first. That evening, while we sat around with a glass of wine and a smile, I said to Steve “You know, my F650GS is the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on.” Steve gave me a quizzical look before he said “that’s exactly what you said about your Vstar!” I paused for a moment and said “Do you think it’s ok to be in love with two motorcycles?” Steve replied “I guess so!” So I fell asleep easily that night in the sure knowledge that everything was ok.