Tuesday, 15 April 2014

York Motorcycle Festival

Red Dwarf & Red Devil.
We were on the road early for our Sunday ride to the York Motorcycle Festival. As we made our way through the suburbs we wished the townsfolk had slept in a little longer and willed the sun to rise out of our eyes. The Brookton Highway soon cleared the way and we smelt the breath of the open road, beckoning us onward and eastward. For a moment I felt like I would be on the road again for a long time.

We drank black tea in a road side lay-by and waved to other bikers as they rode by, all of us on our way to the same destination. We peeled off the highway onto West Dale Road and enjoyed the curves and the quiet of this great bikers lane. I saw a tin-top hooting along one of the ridges and felt certain he wasn't going to make the next bend, so I backed off a little, and sure enough he took up all of my lane before gaining control again. As we passed through Beverley we caught up with another biker and enjoyed riding together for a while, like caring companions, but we would never meet.

Bikes everywhere.
York was a picture as we rode into town. We were marshalled to a parking spot outside the town hall and then we settled in at Bella Cucina Cafe and watched the bike world ride in. We walked the main street, eyeing the bikes and enjoying the entertainment. I was disappointed not to see any "bikies" as it always feels good to dance with the devil, sometimes.

By 1pm we were back on the road again retracing our steps. I found myself smiling all the while as I called out the names of the creeks and the rivers and the banks and the bridges as they passed beneath the wheels of my trusted friend.

Burn Bagpipes Burn!
We took our pit stop at Karragullen Roadhouse and hung-out for a while with some bikers we know. I caught "Mr Speedster" eyeing Devil (F650GS Twin) and I said "can't lend her to you 'cos you'll break it." Riding home in the hot afternoon sun reminded me about the merits of buying a white helmet next time.

We were safely home by 4pm. The day had been full of the magic of motorcycling and the York Motorcycle Festival will certainly be in our calendar next year.