Friday, 18 December 2015

BMW Summer 3 Pants Review

BMW Summer 3 Pants
I felt delighted with the styling and comfort of my new BMW Summer Pants, and just to be sure, I tested the conversion from pants to shorts and back again before I left the dealer showroom. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, so the following day I decided to take my new jeans on a 500km run from Safety Bay (Western Australia) to Porongurup. My Ulysses Motorcycle Club bear came along for the ride, too, as he had been nagging me for some time about a badge for his riding jacket; like everyone else, Bear’s got to earn his stripes too.

Bear at Donnybrook
The air temperature was 24°C and the jeans felt comfortable and were breathing well all the way to our first pit stop at Donnybrook. The cargo pockets are great, although I would prefer a velcro fastening instead of press studs. It was nice to see that I stopped worrying about my keys as they were safely stowed away in a zipped hip pocket. The velcro ankle strap is worth its weight in gold and easily kept the jeans off the ground and stopped them from riding up.

It warmed up for the next leg to Manjimup, my temperature gauge nudging 32°C. Not far out of Bridgetown, a crow decided to test the hip protection and slapped me on the right. Sadly the bird lay stone dead in the road but the armour did its job and I don’t even have a slight bruise to help tell the story; I was starting to think “I was meant to buy these jeans.”

I felt warm in my jeans while I sipped tea in Manjimup, but I was smiling in the sure knowledge that if I’d been going for a walk around the township, I’d just convert my Summer Pants to shorts and be pretty dam comfortable.

Some nice back roads
While the farming folk were home enjoying lunch in the cool of their farmhouse kitchens, we rode on to Porongurup. Although the sun was lighting the way, it was hot on our backs and I started to understand why there were venting holes in the knee armour. We stopped at Rocky Gully to hydrate once more and I was hot in those jeans, but I would have felt hot in any jeans.

In summary, I’m loving my new Summer Pants, I haven’t washed them yet but with a two year warranty they’ve got the tick from me.

Bear showing off his Albany Commemorative pin
PS It seems that commemorative pins are out of fashion in small towns like Porongurup, so Bear had to ride on to Albany before he could find a pin for his riding jacket.