Sunday, 11 September 2016

False Start

Raining on the Nullarbor Plain.
When we leave home on a long motorcycle journey, rain is our worst enemy. Nothing will test our resolve more than riding in the rain and trying to keep water out of our small tent. On Thursday  8th September everything looked rosy for a slow ride from Perth (Western Australia) to Broken Hill (New South Wales), 2850 kilometers. By Friday morning everything had changed. A complex weather system had developed, seems the mere whiff of Devil (F650GS) and Dwarfie (R1200GS) riding across the desert plains to was enough to break the drought single handed.  In the shear desperation to get under way, we decided to leave on Saturday, and substitute the slow ride for long days in the saddle, in the hope of  staying ahead of the rain.

Devil and Dwarf rearing to go.
When our alarm sounded at 5am on Saturday morning, I bolted out of bed. Adrenalin filled my veins as I both relished and feared the prospect of trying to  out run an ugly looking weather system. Steve woke up in a more sensible mood. After a serious consultation with the latest weather information we decided this was no way to begin our ten week road trip on the bikes.  Better to stay warm and dry at home until a more suitable outlook appears. Good decision? We will only know with the benefit of hindsight.

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