Thursday, 10 March 2011

Breakfast Maker, Lunch Box Builder and Taxi Driver!

            * Boil eggs.
            * Wrap separately:
                        3 packs of crackers.
                        2 bread rolls.
                        1 cheese slices.
                        1 capsicum slices.
                        1 cucumber slices.
            * Cook 2 slices of toast and make egg and spring onion sandwich.
            * Make 2 hot chocolates:
                        1 with choc and strawberry Quick.
1 with Milo.   
* Cook 2 slices of hot buttered toast.
* Cook 2 slices of hot honey toast.
* Add chips and lolly pop to lunch boxes after Annie has left for work!
* Pick up neighbor’s daughter.
* Take kids to school.
* Come home:
 Do the dishes
 Sweep the floor.
 Lie down, exhausted!

It’s got me thinking, it’s easier to go to work!

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