Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dave Mann - Fly by Night - 2nd April 2011

I was delighted when I found out Dave Mann was support act for Eric Bibb at the Fly by Night Musicians Club in Fremantle. I have been lucky enough to see Dave a few times, usually playing in his Dave Mann Collective outfit.

The full house was quiet and attentive while Dave entertained us with his blues/roots tunes. I love Dave’s guitar work, the sound was full bodied and clean and I found myself watching intently, and wondering, “How does he do that?” One of the things I have always enjoyed about Dave Mann: he doesn’t remind me of anyone else!
After a couple of songs, Dave was joined on stage by his wife. While Dave tuned, his wife introduced the tribute song he wrote for Alan and Pam Skuse. Alan and Pam found their lives changed, forever, when their 12 month volunteer assignment, at Mission Mexico, turned into a lifelong commitment and sacrifice to help and support displaced children in Mexico. I have thought about this story many times since Saturday. I have told others about it too. Thanks, Dave, for another great song and for giving us something to think about. It is a reminder of the wonderful achievements of the worlds many volunteers, and the sacrifices they have to make. Alan and Pam’s story has been captured in a movie titled Somewhere Near Tapachula; I must go and see this film!
When I left the venue, Dave was standing by the stage, talking to fans; I’m sorry I didn’t stop and say hello. If I lived in Margaret River, there is no doubt I’d be knocking on Dave’s door to ask, “Any chance of a few strumming lessons?”

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